Green Beans is for people that care what they eat. Our food is simple and tasty. We don’t make fast food, we make wholesome, delicious food as fast as we can using only the highest quality natural ingredients

Our stuff:

Local food We support local food producers wherever possible.

Your healthDSCN1240 We believe good food doesn’t need preservatives or additives. There is a selection of freshly made wheat free food on our menu & on our deli shelves.

Our community
We support the Xhoza woman of the Westlake Upliftment Project’s craft initiative(Westlake United Church Trust).Their colourful button necklaces and ethnic carry bags are available in our shop. All proceeds go directly back to them.

Our environment
We use biodegradable cleaning products and packaging wherever possible

Our Menu
Is completely flexible. Feel free to create a meal of your choice from the ingredients on our menu and we will be happy to prepare it for you. Please note certain menu items are subject to seasonal availability. Click Here to view the menu